City of Ellendale

Ellendale will be an economically attractive, full-service community. We will enjoy the availability of complete health-care facilities and various educational and social opportunities for all ages. By combining strong family and religious values with the spirit of industriousness and cooperation, Ellendale will continue to be clean, safe and prosperous.

Ellendale City Hall

City Staff & Departments

Candy Middlestead, City Auditor
Resa Russell, Deputy Auditor
Jim Monroe, Public Works Supervisor
Andrew Severy, Public Works Crew


City Departments


The Ellendale City Council members are committed to the development of the community and welcome your suggestions, comments and ideas to generate solutions for a progressive future.  Please feel free to attend a city council meeting or contact one of the members with your input. 

Candy Middlestead, City Auditor: City of Ellendale, P.O. Box 267, Ellendale, ND 58436

City council members

Mayor, Don Flaherty : 701-710-1268
Justin Meidinger, President: 701-535-0347
Bruce Crabtree, Vice President: 701-471-0872
Tammy Belgarde: 701-330-5402
Tom Denison: 612-581-3231
Jon Langeliers: 701-870-2965
Patrick Lee: 701-535-1143


Snowmobiles shall not be operated in the City of Ellendale except in the following manner:

  1. All operation must obey existing traffic rules of the city, county or state. This includes the snowmobile being equipped with at least one headlamp, one tail lamp and brakes; all of which are in working order.
  2. With the intent to leave the City, the operator may use the streets by taking the most direct route out of the city. The same procedure must be followed when re-entering the city.
  3. Operators may take the most direct route to a filling station to fuel the snowmobile.
  4. When emergency conditions exist which render the use of an automobile impractical for the duration of those conditions.

Ellendale Tourism

Life on a Better Scale, Ellendale.

New and exciting improvements are being made to help attract visitors to our beautiful community.

They include the installation of the “Welcome to Ellendale” banners on Highway 281.  Harvest Gardens a local business that attracts visitors from all over north and South Dakota is filling new planters that line some of our streets.

Ellendale Tourism has granted & loaned funds to several tourist events.  The Lions Club in support of the Harlem Ambassadors, the new & improved Babe Ruth championship sign at the baseball park, the Opera House in support of the Smithsonian Exhibit.

Tourism also is assisting the Ellendale Golf Course: Thanks to Ellendale Tourism, the golf course was able to advertise a special offer worldwide that will bring people from all over the Midwest to the Ellendale Golf Course. They have also assisted the golf course in acquiring new equipment.

If you have a project to enhance our community and would like to be considered for funds, please fill out form here.

If you have questions you may contact a member of the Tourism board or email  at

The Ellendale Tourism and Visitors Bureau is made up of Don Flaherty, Holli Schlenker, Corey Gulke, Ken Schmierer &  Jami Eberle

Job Development Authority

The Ellendale Job Development Authority is here to assist with your business improvement, training, expansion, relocation and hiring needs.

Ellendale offers many reasons for locating or expanding your business here, for instance:

  • Financial Investments:  Access capital quickly with the nation’s only state-owned bank.
  • Low Operating Costs:  Save money where the cost of doing business is about 7 percent below the national average.
  • Educated Workforce:  In 2002, North Dakota students posted the highest SAT scores. Our universities graduate the intellectual capital of the new economy. 
  • Wired Network:  Nearly 200 communities and 500 physical locations are connected by over 38,000 miles of fiber optic cable.
  • Quality of Life:  Breathe the cleanest air in the nation. Enjoy the safest state in the nation.  

Ellendale has many assets for your business to consider: 

  • Gateway to North Dakota
  • Commercial airport access – 45 minutes
  • US 281 corridor
  • Commercial & industrial real estate
  • Renaissance Zone tax incentives

The JDA board members are appointed by the mayor of Ellendale.

Job Development

JDA Board

Aaron Tschosik, President
Butch Middlestead
Judy Wedell    
Troy Radermacher  
Monica Mertz
Bridget Henning
Mitchell Merkel