We are excited to announce a new event to Applefest this year, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament! This will be fun for those 12 years and older! With 4 age divisions for men and women!

12-13 yr old
14-15 yr old
16-17 yr old
18+ yr old

Cost is $60/ team

Tournament Overview:

Location- The cage (4 courts 8 hoops) 3-5 games running at a time

Teams will have 3-5 players on a team, and play to 35 pts or 25 min clock.

Ball must be “checked” in at top of key. Other team must take ball above check line for it to be considered “taken back”. Shooting fouls will be shot by themselves then checked to other team after free throw.

*To register your team, please print & return this sign-up sheet to Austin Molan at 121 4th St S, Ellendale ND 58436 by Sept 6th along with your registration money.